cvatec a software scheduling and billing
Room, equipment and employee scheduling Scheduling is simplified with the side-by-side services layout, making it possible to see available times and current entries and conflicts at a glance. The scheduler is divided into service columns. Services are essentially bookable items such as edit suites, board rooms, work shops etc. which can be grouped and viewed by category. Jobs are colour-coded by user defined status types and conflicts. Receive notifications of conflicts on booking positions, employees and equipment. Conflicts are automatically checked when jobs are created as well as when resources are linked to, or removed from jobs Client preferences Job Designer remembers services, staff, and equipment preferred by clients so that these items can be easily linked when new bookings are created.
Highly configurable invoicing Once a job has been created simply click on the finance section and see costing information for the job or the entire project. Print quotations, or click on the 'Generate Invoice' button to generate and print an invoice for the job. Invoices can be generated for individual jobs, or per client, or per project. All figures are calculated automatically taking into account time worked, overtime rates, special rates for clients, discounts etc. Items in the database can be configured with hourly rates, after hour rates, discounts, inclusion or exclusion from invoices, etc.
Email notification of schedules and schedule changes Click on the 'Send Email' button to notify employees as well as clients of new bookings and schedule changes. Emails are template based and can be defined for all status types.
Security Protect your data by allowing different users access to different sections and features. Users can be added to pre-defined permission groups which make adding new users a breeze
Override invoice values Make cost changes to the currently selected invoice without affecting database cost values by using the override features on the Invoice tab. Cost, quantity and  discount can be manually altered for each line item.
Customizable reports on all items Generate detailed reports on all items. Reports can be generated for any combination of up to seven fields per item. Since all items including employees are linked to jobs, reports on hours worked by employees or equipment usage can easily be generated. Reports can be exported for further processing.
Link multiple items to jobs Once a job has been created, additional items from the user defined database can easily be added - or removed - by simply selecting the appropriate item tab. Items defined in the main database can be selected or, if an item is not available in the database, a ‘once-off’ item can be easily created and linked to the job. New items can at any time be created or removed from the database for future usage.
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