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System requirements: Windows XP/ Vista/ Windows 7/ Windows 8 Important Please make sure to backup the database before installing new versions.
1. Create a backup of your existing data from the File | Backup Data Menu. If using Job Designer on a network, please perform the backup on the machines where the Master copy of Job Designer, or the Database Server (Client/Server users) is running
2. Client/Server users only: Uninstall the Job Designer server (Database Server)
3. Client/Server users only. Delete the jd.ini file from C:\Job Designer Documents
4. Install and run version 3.
5. Close Job Designer
6. Restore your data backup from the new Application servers "Restore Data" menu.
7. Run Job Designer.
Job Designer Version full install - will run in trial mode for 30 days or until registered
Please note: Version 3.6 and higher  requires a new unlock key which can be obtained free of charge to registered users. Please login to your account to obtain a new key.
Web Server Download
The latest Web Server exe file can be downloaded from the following link. IMPORTANT This requires the latest version of Job Designer to be installed on your computer. Download Web Server exe file (17/04/2014) Simply replace the JDWebServ.exe file located in C:\Acvatec Software\Job Designer (default location) with the downloaded file. The Job Designer Web Server is also included with the Job Designer installer  
Upgrading from previous versions