Resource scheduling Quick-link multiple resources Automatic conflict checking Recurring bookings Flexible invoicing Customizable reports User level access control Quotes Project grouping and invoicing
The scheduler is divided into service, employee and equipment areas. Services - for example rooms - can be grouped and viewed by category. Jobs can also be colour-coded by user defined status types and schedule conflicts.
Select the finance tab and print a quote or invoice directly from the job page. Invoices can be generated for individual jobs, or per client, or per project.
Assign user privileges to control which modules and features users will be able to access within Job Designer.
Generate detailed reports on all items. Reports can be generated for any combination of up to 12 fields and also be exported for further processing.
After scheduling a job, additional items can easily be added - or removed - by selecting items from the pre defined user database.
Service, equipment and employee scheduling
Link multiple resources
Configurable invoicing
Customizable reports
User level access control
To explore all the features available in Job Designer, download the fully functional 30 day demo version from here
“As the biggest music rehearsal studio in New York City we have always had a difficult job scheduling our 21 studios, employees, equipment and supplies. Tracking bookings, payments, billing, notifications, schedule changes, client needs, etc was a logistical challenge to say the least. We have had Job Designer for just over a year and I love it more every day. I don’t know how we ever did this without it! Job Designer is flat out amazing at any price and for what you charge it may be the single best value in computer software period. Even your customer service has been top notch – much more that I could have expected. Now I know why Job Designer has won so many awards – You deserve them all – Well Done.” Eugene Sinigalliano
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